Review One & Only By Viv Daniels

OaO-CoverAuthor: Viv Daniels

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Tess McMann lives her life according to the secrets she’s sworn to keep: the father who won’t acknowledge her, the sister who doesn’t know she exists, and the mother who’s content playing mistress to a prominent businessman. When she meets the distractingly cute Dylan Kingsley at a prestigious summer program and falls in love, Tess allows herself to imagine a life beyond these secrets. But when summer ends, so does their relationship — Dylan heads off to Canton College while Tess enrolls at the state university.

One love they can’t ignore…

Two years later, a scholarship brings Tess to Canton and back into Dylan’s life. Their attraction is as strong as ever, but Dylan has a girlfriend…who also happens to be Tess’s legitimate half-sister. Tess refuses to follow in her mother’s footsteps, which leaves her only one choice: break the rules she’s always followed, or allow Dylan to slip away for a second time.

…And only one chance to get things right.


(4 Hearts)

This is the ultimate daddy issues story. I didn’t love this book, but the first chapter was so heart breaking that I had to keep reading. Tess was never supposed to exist. Her father knocked her mother up while she was working for him as a college intern. During this time Mr. Swift (her father) was married, and had another daughter on the way and instead of owning up to his issues like a man he hid his second family, and Tess and her mother became his dirty little secret.

It was so sad because you wanted to hate Mr. Swift, but I couldn’t because I could tell that he really loved Tess, even when he was acting like a jerk. And he acted like a jerk a lot. He wouldn’t let Tess go to her first choice for college, saying that it was too expensive when in reality he just didn’t want her to go there because his other, real, daughter goes there. He hardly gave them any money, and he was never there for Tess when she needed him, he didn’t even visit the hospital when she had surgery at 8 years old.

So when Tess is given the opportunity to do something for herself, a pre college course at Cornell she jumped at the chance and met Dylan. Dylan became her first, in every way, and after that no body else could ever measure up. This is where things get annoying. Instead of building a relationship with Dylan, Tess runs, which seems to be what she’s best at. And doesn’t see Dylan again until 2 years later when she transfer to the school of her dreams. But now Dylan is dating someone else, her sister.

For some reason I didn’t really like Dylan, in reality I didn’t really like any of the characters and it wasn’t because they were annoying or mean or unrealistic- it was just something about them, that I didn’t like, and I didn’t care about them. It’s awful to say but I think the reason I didn’t like them was because they were to understanding. Every time something bad would happen I kind of expected the stereotypical drama to ensue and was equally bothered and happy when the stereotypical drama didn’t happen.

The book wasn’t boring, I finished reading it in less than a day, but at the end of reading it I felt kind of blah. I didn’t miss the character, I didn’t care that everything worked out. It was kind of a blah book, with blah characters, and blah drama. I think it was just missing passion, and real love, but overall it was really well written and a nice story to pass the time.


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