Review: Jim Morgan and the Pirates of the Black Skull


By: James Matlack Raney
Published on: December 7th 2013
Genre: Children, Adventure/ Fantasy

Over a year has passed since Jim Morgan outwitted the King of Thieves and escaped from London with his friends, Lacey and the Brothers Ratt. Now, at long last, Jim is ready to return home to Morgan Manor.

But a dark vision haunts Jim’s dreams – a Crimson Storm with the face of a black skull. Soon, Jim is thrust into a deadly race against his father’s old enemies, Count Cromier and his son, Bartholomew. This time, he will face terrors beyond his imagination – pirate battles, hidden islands, sorcerers, and sea monsters.

New foes and magic forces will tempt and test Jim. For there are terrible secrets he has yet to learn, secrets about his father, the Treasure of the Ocean, and his own incredible destiny…

Adventure has a new name – Jim Morgan!


(4 Hearts)

I LOVE pirates! If I could pick any fantasy job, it would hands down, no questions asked, be a pirate. Sailing the high seas, stealing gold, and seeking out a magical adventure are all the qualities of a great pirate, and are also the amazing qualities of this book.

James Raney is truly a gifted storyteller. It takes an amazing writer to be able to write a book that appeals to both children and adults.

He was able to incorporate humor and silly lines like:

“…and Lacey’s the damsel in the dress.”
“That would be damsel in distress.”

Along more serious lines like:

“But boys have rather short memories, especially boys who are nearly thirteen years old and absolutely full of confidence they can do anything.”

More than an adventure story Raney has written a story about friendship. The book began with Jim, the Ratt brothers, and Lacey donning eye patches, peg legs and wooden swords as they pretended to be pirates’, and ended with them actually become ones. The book was filled with villains, monsters, mystical talking animals, mermaids, and so much more.

Sadly there aren’t enough Pirate books out there that have this type of magical adventure, so hopefully this is not the last we see of our pirate friends!



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