Review Forever, Jack (Eversea #2) By, Natasha Boyd

FOREVER, JACK_COVER_R3Keri Ann Butler’s life changed on the night she met movie star, Jack Eversea. She thought she knew a Jack that was very different to the man adored by fans the world over. In the wake of his betrayal and abandonment, Keri Ann has had to pick up and move forward with the life she was supposed to live and has put off far too long.

Suddenly Jack is back, and his explanations for why he left seem more and more plausible, and his declarations more seductive. But being Jack’s latest tabloid accessory isn’t on Keri Ann’s career agenda, no matter how much she is attracted to him. And how can she can ever trust him again?

Jack knows he let the only ‘real’ thing that ever happened to him slip through his fingers. And his hands have been tied to try and stop it. Until Now.

Jack is now fighting to save his relationship with Keri Ann, even as his crazy life threatens to tear them apart. Again. The question is, can he convince her she can have it all? And have him? Forever?


(4 Hearts)

She doesn’t deserve him!!
Why do authors do this?
They make these amazing, strong, attractive guys. And then pair them with these whiny, selfish female characters? Why? What happened to female solidarity? These authors are female and yet they are unable to write a good female character, one that doesn’t make our gender look crazy. I’ve read hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of books but I could probably count on one hand the number of books that features a good female protagonist. It’s important to have a desirable male character but I think it’s even more important to have a relatable and likable female character. Now with that said I can talk about the book.
I surprisingly loved the last book; I loved Keri Anne, I loved jack, I loved their whole drama. Even though we’ve read this story before; where a relatively nothing-special girl meets a famous actor and they fall in love. But this one was different it was well written with good drama and likeable characters. That is until book 2.
This book started off ok. Jack, after being gone for 7 months comes back to town begging for forgiveness and a second chance. I liked that Keri Anne made him work for it, that she didn’t pull an Anastasia Steele and forgive everything he put her through after 2 sec of reuniting. She seemed so strong in the beginning not caving to the man that broke her heart but willing to listen- after some time. I loved their story their drama and after a few chapters their reunion. Until it was revealed that Keri Anne is a crazy self-sabotaging disgrace for a human being.
The beginning was so good- which is the reason for the 4 stars. But the ending ruined it for me. I knew that the conflict was coming but I was hopeful that it would be something different. Something creative. Something that I didn’t just read 3 days ago in The Remember When series or a year ago with Love Unscripted. I wanted something slightly unique. But alas I was disappointed when the conflict turned out to be Keri Anna’s fear of being photographed and being attached publicly to jack. And other unbelievable nonsense. If a beautiful young British actor came up to me and professed his love I would be all over that. And yet Keri Anna is dragging her heals, making stupid decisions and choosing her lack if career over true love.

Why God? Why do I continue to waste my money by reading the same book over and over again. Ugh. Oh well it’s too late now.
At least this is the last one in the series.



Review Slow Burn By, Nicole Christie

18374087It’s the beginning of senior year, and seventeen year old Juliet Somers has made the rash decision to transfer to her boyfriend’s school in an effort to spend more time with him. Sexy bad boy Johnny Parker is a legend at Leclare Academy, and Juliet still can’t believe that an average girl like her was able to tame his wild ways. She can’t wait to start her new school with him by her side.

But one night, Johnny’s self-destructive habits lead to a stunning betrayal–and Juliet realizes she’s made a huge mistake. Now she’s stuck at a school where she doesn’t fit in, and all the girls seem to hate her guts. Even worse, Johnny is determined to get her back, pulling crazy stunts to win her forgiveness. Juliet is resigned to being an outcast for the rest of her senior year, with no friends, and no clue what she wants to do with her life.

Things start to look up when she gets to know some of Johnny’s friends, and finds that some of them are really good guys. With the help of an unlikely ally at her side, Juliet begins to think her situation is not as bad as it seems. As the school year rolls on, she opens herself up to new experiences, makes some huge mistakes, and discovers things about herself she’s not sure she likes.

Juliet resolves to stay strong against Johnny’s seductive tactics, but it’s becoming increasingly harder to deny she still has feelings for him. Will she risk her heart to him again–or will a hot contender manage to sweep her off her feet?


(5 Hearts)

Drop what you are doing and go buy this book right now!
No not tomorrow, right now!!
I will never understand why bad books like Hunger Games 3- Mockingjay and Divergent three- Allegiant (why cant authors write good endings to a series) have sold so many copies but amazing books like this hardly sell any.
This is not only my favorite book of the year; it’s my favorite book of next year too.
Slow burn had everything a book should have. It’s like you dream of this imaginary book with this amazing romance and characters and setting only to start to wonder if u will ever find it. But it exists, it really does!!
The book starts with Juliet catching her boyfriend, Johnny, cheating on her. Even though she’s devastated, this wouldn’t have been that big of a deal except she just transferred schools so she could spend her senior year with him. So instead of having the best year of her life she begins her senior year surrounded by a bunch of snotty rich kids that hate her for gaining the attention of their star football player. But things don’t actually turn out that bad. Even though her ex won’t leave her alone trying to get her back, she ends up making really great friends, the most surprising one being Johnny’s own brother Dean. Oh God Dean! He makes my former book boyfriend Kellan Kyle look like a toad. But really all the characters were great. This was such a character driven book, I felt like they were my friends. And Juliet was such an amazing main character, she was relatable, and likeable and hilarious. This book had everything. Great characters a heart stopping romance and amazing drama. Just writing about it makes me want to read it again!


Review The Apollo Academy By, Kimberly P. Chase

17928444As the heiress to Titon Technologies, eighteen-year-old Aurora Titon can have whatever she wants—clothes, expensive gadgets, anything money can buy. All she really wants is to escape her pampered, paparazzi-prone life for the stars. Becoming the first female pilot to train as an astronaut for the Apollo Academy is exactly the chance for which she has been waiting. Everything would be perfect if it weren’t for her unreciprocated crush on a fellow student, the sexy astronaut bent on making her life hell, and the fact that someone keeps trying to kill her.


(3 Hearts)

This had so much potential. Too much potential to be as bad as it was.
The world that the author created was amazing. This book was set in the future, more than a hundred years from now. And took place in a space academy called Apollo academy- it’s like a college for astronauts and other space related peopl.
After reading the description for the book I was blown away. I love boarding school/ college books.  So I was completely sold on this book.
It started off great Aurora is nervous about her final test to get into Apollo academy and goes to a club with her best friend to have some fun. It’s at the club where she meets Zane, they dance, they flirt, they almost kiss. It’s good night. It ends up even better when they both end up at Apollo academy.

It was as if everything was there; the interesting plot, likeable/attractive characters, drama, romance. But one thing was missing. Good writing. It felt like the book was simply a compilation of bad, overused, clichéd lines that we have read 1000’s of times before. I felt like the author was too afraid to be different and simply wrote what she felt we wanted to read. I wish it had been a bit more unique, but it wasn’t awful.


Giveaway & Review Switched, By Cassie Mae

9780345548825.340x340-75Ever since high school, Kayla has been crazy for gorgeous football player Talon. But before she could muster the courage to tell him, he became a hot item with her beautiful BFF, Reagan. The only person who knows Kayla’s secret is Wesley, Talon’s best bud—and he’s got it bad for Reagan. Now they’re all in college together, hanging out 24/7. For Kayla, seeing the two lovebirds together is absolutely unbearable. So Kayla and Wesley hatch a plot to drive them apart before Talon has a chance to give Reagan the Christmas gift she’s been waiting for.

Soon enough, the once happy couple is fighting. Reagan suddenly can’t get enough of Wesley’s goofy sense of humor, and Talon seems to be paying more attention to Kayla than a guy who’s “only a friend” ever should. But just when everything seems to be falling into place, Kayla and Wesley accidentally spend a night together and discover a hitch in their plan they never considered: that switching partners may not lead to a perfect ending after all.


(4 Hearts)

I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

I love books with this kind of story.

More than vampire books (which I LOVE)

More than Boarding School Books (which I LOVE LOVE)

My all time favorite book is the ‘fall in love with your best friend’ book. When the best friend is a guy. Duh.

This is what Switched is about, well kind of.

Kayla has a crush on Talon.

Wes has a crush on Reagan.

The only problem is that Talon and Reagan are together. Oh and their in love with their best friends boyfriend/girlfriend. Yea it’s a mess.

So Kayla and Wes decide to break up their best friends relationship so that they can be with the people they want. But while they scheme and plot they begin to realize that maybe the person they were really suppose to be with was in front of them the entire time.

I loved Kayla and Wes’s relationship, it was slow and dramatic and they didn’t see it coming. They were so funny together, being able to completely speak their minds because they were so comfortable with each other.

While I loved their relationship I hated that it took them so long to realize that they were in love with the wrong person. I couldn’t understand why they liked Talon and Reagan in the first place; I also didn’t understand why they were best friends with them. This was definitely not a book about good friendship. But the drama was good.


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Review Dreamwalker By, Andrea Heltsely

cover39106-mediumNoel Kennedy lost her boyfriend, her job, and her dignity all in one week and then gained an entirely new life. Hunted by a mysterious league of immortals, Noel must rediscover her forgotten past while uncovering the truth behind the two men who battle for her heart, both in dreams and in reality. 

Entranced, she slowly unravels a world she was meant to stay out of, one filled with creatures she once thought to be myth and dangers that threaten her very soul. Now Noel begins the fight for her life and must choose between two men who call to her heart. Can she escape a life of servitude or immortality for a chance at love?


(3 Hearts)

Noel is having a bad week. Her boyfriend just broke up with her, she gets fired, and to top it all off she’s having strange supernatural dreams. Yea she’s facing some problems. But after a few weeks wallowing in depression, she meets Jared the guy from her dreams and there is an instant connection. And then she meets Boone and she has a connection with him too.

I happen to like love triangles so I was all for this book, Jared and Boone are both equally great love interests, though I kind of like Jared a little more. And I really enjoyed all of the mythology in the book.

But what I didn’t like so much was the writing. The dialogue didn’t flow well, and it felt really choppy at times and unrealistic. There were also a few grammar problems. But the overall story and characters were really interesting, so it kept my interest until the end.


Review Cold Blooded By, Amanda Carlson

cover33523-mediumMagic, mayhem and madness explode in this third installment in the Jessica McClain series.
Jessica McClain is on the run… again.
Finally reunited with Rourke, Jessica arrives home to find that her best friend has been kidnapped, her father has vanished, and the supernatural Sects — witches, demons, and sorcerers — don’t even have the courtesy to wait until she is unpacked to attack.
Now, mastering her powers as the sole female werewolf might not be enough to save them. Thrown together in a shaky truce with the Vampire Queen, Jessica must show all the different Sects what the true meaning of “the enemy of my enemy” is or her father will die…




(3 Hearts)

I don’t know why I keep reading these books.

I didn’t like the first one, nor the second one and yea you guessed it the third one didn’t do it for me either. I think my problem with why I keep coming back to these books is because I don’t hate them, I just don’t like them.

This book starts right where the last one ended. Jessica has just freed Rourke from the crazy goddess and now has to save her best friend and father. I feel like these characters need to take a long nap, I don’t think they’ve sat down in all three books. They have the absolute worst luck.

I think another reason why I keep coming back to this series is because I love Rourke, there is something about a bad boy, rogue werewolf that just does it for me. I originally hated how insta love their relationship was, but it’s grown on me.

I also feel this uncontrollable need to read anything and everything that has Vampires in it, and even though they aren’t the main characters they are still there and interesting.

So this book didn’t suck, it obviously has some redeeming qualities since I’ve read every book in the series, but I’m always left feeling disappointed and unfulfilled after its over.


Review: Endless By, Amanda Gray

cover36112-mediumJenny knows she’s different. After all, she sees the past lives of people she touches. But when Nikolai, the mysterious boy she painted, shows up claiming to be a love from a past life, Jenny is forced to accept that he has traveled through time to find her. Now, Jenny and Nikolai must fight against the Order, an ominous organization tasked with keeping people in the correct time. The Order is determined to send Nikolai back. And fighting them could tear Jenny and Nikolai apart — this time for eternity.


(4 Hearts)

The story hooks you from the very beginning. I liked this book, the characters were really relatable and I loved the magic and history that was woven throughout.

Jenny has the power to see the past history of everyone she touches. She meets Ben and falls into a dream with him sending her to the past. She finds that they, along with another character Nikolai are time travelers, and the story goes from there.

So much happened in this book, too much happened in my opinion. Even though I liked the story it didn’t seem believable that so much could happen to these characters in only 2 weeks.

I also wasn’t crazy about the love triangle. I like Ben and even though I feel like I should like Nikolai more, I just couldn’t. But I did like the multiple points of views that the story was told in, and the traveling back in time.

It was a really crazy read, and I’m looking forward to the next one.